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Healthcare Energy Impact Calculator (EIC)

The Healthcare Energy Impact Calculator (EIC) estimates the number, and cost of, premature deaths, chronic bronchitis, asthma attacks, and emergency room visits, caused by power plant emissions. The EIC displays the projected number of incidents, estimates of medical treatment costs, and their external societal costs. For carbon dioxide it calculates emissions permit costs (i.e., costs to emit).

Key questions addressed:

  • What are your energy generation facility’s energy health impacts and costs?
  • What kind of energy purchase might deliver the best value if negative societal public health impacts and direct health care costs were part of the decision?

Sample data inputs:

  • On-site energy consumption per year in kWh
  • Percent of energy generation that is renewable

Sample quantitative outputs:

  • Direct health incidents resulting from emissions
  • Related direct costs per year
  • Estimated cost to society

Access theĀ Healthcare Energy Impact Calculator (EIC)


Mid-Western case study.

Tool Summary

  • Free
Expertise Required:
  • Simple
Geographic Scope:
  • Local
  • Project
Impacts Assessed:
  • Economic
    • General
  • Environmental
    • Air
    • Greenhouse Gases
  • Social
    • Public Health