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How communities manage forests: selected examples from around the world

This publication provides readers with an introduction to community forestry, taking eight country examples from Europe and Asia.

In each example the legislation and organisational forms are described, and environmental, economical and social aspects discussed. The publication is intended for forestry students, forestry practitioners and policy makers, and interested members of the general public.

The case studies are:

  • Bhutan: Community forestry as a fast growing national movement
  • Bulgaria: New opportunities for municipalities through communal forestry
  • Kyrgyzstan: Forest leases as the choice of the people
  • Nepal: Benefiting the poor through community forestry
  • Scotland: Forest ownership brings new dynamics to rural communities
  • Slovakia: Returning the forests to their original owners
  • Switzerland: A long history of community forests
  • Viet Nam: Sustainable timber harvesting brings funds to communities

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