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Impact Analysis for Planning (IMPLAN)

Impact Analysis for Planning (IMPLAN) software and data sets provide information about how economies function. It is used to create complete, extremely detailed social accounting matrices and multiplier models of local economies.

They are founded on proven scientific methods of measuring economic change and annually collected federal data. With this information, analysts must use their own skills to frame an impact problem, to determine whether IMPLAN is an appropriate tool to examine the economic impacts of their problem, and to decide the meaning of results.

Using classic input-output analysis in combination with regional specific Social Accounting Matrices and Multiplier Models, IMPLAN provides a highly accurate and adaptable model for its users. The IMPLAN database contains county, state, zip code, and federal economic statistics which are specialized by region, not estimated from national averages and can be used to measure the effect on a regional or local economy of a given change or event in the economy’s activity.

IMPLAN is useful in examination of questions such as:

  • How does the local economy function?
  • What would the economic consequences of this project be?
  • What would the effect of this company/base closure be?

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