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Impacts of comprehensive climate legislation on the US economy

This study, Impacts of comprehensive climate legislation on the US economy, compiles the economic impact findings of 16 comprehensive state climate action plans and extrapolates the results to the nation.

The national debate over federal climate policy and its impact on the broader economy should be informed by the experience of the states and their stakeholders, which have been engaged in broad scale comprehensive climate policy planning, analysis and implementation since 2005.

The study takes the results of the state climate action plans and, using a widely accepted econometric model, projects the national impact of these policies on employment, incomes, gross domestic product (GDP) and consumer energy prices.

These state action plans and supporting assessments were proposed by over 1,500 stakeholders and technical work group experts appointed by 16 governors and state legislatures to address climate, energy and economic needs through comprehensive, fact-based, consensus-driven, climate action planning processes conducted over the past five years with facilitative and technical assistance by the Center for Climate Strategies (CCS).

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