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Information Toolkit for post-2012 climate policies

The Information Toolkit for post-2012 climate policies is a tool providing facts and figures to support the international climate negotiations.

Negotiators want to have facts and figures that can assist in making a presentation and in exchanging information to substantiate the points they may want to make. the Toolkit is an effective tool to check and lookup facts and figures, as well as to present datasets which are supported by all parties.

The Toolkit includes inter alia regional emission pathways, data on mitigation potentials and a number of existing regional and global marginal abatement cost curves.

The Toolkit is a computer-based information system that contains flexible factsheets, including tables, figures and graphs. It is built in AIMMS software. AIMMS enables users to easily show large datasets in graphs and to easily add or remove parameters. The Toolkit brings together data and information from various national and international sources and integrates them into one system.

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Toolkit User manual

Report on the Information Toolkit for post-2012 climate policies update.