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Introducing the LEDS GP work plan for 2016

We’re pleased to share our LEDS GP work plan for the upcoming year. The plan details our priority areas for 2016 and how we intend to build upon our existing portfolio to strengthen activities around the financial, political, technological and institutional capacity of countries to implement actions under their low emission development strategies (LEDS) and Nationally Intended Contributions (NDCs).

LEDS GP intends achieve its 2016 objectives through various global and regional activities within six main pillars:

  1. Peer learning and in-depth training
  2. Innovation and thought leadership
  3. Advisory support and technical resources
  4. Early movers support and replication
  5. Communities of practice and partnerships
  6. Support LEDS champions

In its first years, LEDS GP promoted knowledge sharing and peer learning across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean through workshops and webinars, targeted trainings, provision of expert assistance, improved technical resources, data and information on LEDS resources and programs. Building on its early successes and based on feedback received from members, LEDS GP will expand its focus in 2016 to play a leading role in the following areas:

  • Building enduring momentum for LEDS: Share approaches and facilitate access to knowledge on analysis and communication of LEDS development benefits and effective LEDS planning with broad stakeholder engagement. One consequence should be that governments deepen support for NDC implementation and understand opportunities for strengthening NDC contents.
  • Mobilizing investment for LEDS and NDC implementation, by knowledge sharing on aligning public budgets and enabling environments, the use of investment instruments, and the cooperation across governments, international programs and the private sector.
  • Facilitate access to assistance, by enabling access to resources and support from LEDS assistance programs and connecting governments with experts for responsive support.

Access our 2016 work plan for more information on what we’re planning for the coming year and how this will be distributed across our Regional Platforms and Working Groups.

Download the LEDS GP work plan.


Image credit: Lakshman Nadaraja/World Bank