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Key resources from our Subnational Integration Working Group

In this resource guide, our Subnational Integration Working Group presents key working papers, case studies, webinars and event reports on the importance of national and subnational integration in achieving climate action.

Since its launch in 2011, the Low Emission Development Strategies Global Partnership (LEDS GP) has grown to include the active participation of more than 200 governmental and international institutions. Within the various initiatives of the Global Partnership, the thematic Subnational Integration Working Group was created in 2013 to support learning and facilitate collaboration between national and subnational governments for accelerated, effective climate actions.

Today, the Subnational Integration Working Group has the participation of more than 540 members, drawn from the LEDS GP membership across the Asia, Africa and Latin America & Caribbean regional LEDS platforms. The Subnational Integration Working Group strives to deliver on the distinct priorities determined with each of the different regional platforms.

Over the past three years, the Subnational Integration Working Group has hosted peer-learning discussions, published reports and case studies, facilitated technical workshops and webinars, provided remote expert assistance and organized panels at multiple regional and global forums.


Case studies


Presentations, meetings and blogs

LEDS GP annual meeting, Punta Cana, Oct 2015:

LEDS LAC annual meeting, Punta Cana, Oct 2015:

LEDS GP annual meeting, Addis Ababa, Aug 2014, Linking national and subnational LEDS implementation frameworks:

Green Growth Knowledge Platform and Africa LEDS Meeting, Kinshasa, April 2014, Integrating governance to improve green growth and low emission development:

LEDS LAC Annual Meeting, Santiago, Oct 2013:

Asia LEDS Forum, Manila, Oct 2013:


Join the Subnational Integration Working Group

Subnational Integration Working Group co-chairs

Mr. Francisco Maciel
Executive Secretary, CIOESTE,
Sao Paolo, Brasil,
LEDS LAC Platform

Mr. Kinlay Dorjee
Thimphu, Bhutan
Asia LEDS Platform

Mr. Charles Akurugu
Kumbungu District Assembly
Africa LEDS Platform

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