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LEDS GP Benefits Assessment Working Group factsheet (October 2015)

The Benefits Assessment Working Group aims to support informed decision-making. It considers how policies and programs that are intended to meet one goal may impact other development priorities.

Development goals, such as economic growth, job creation and raising standards of living are the top priority for governments around the world. The Working Group helps to identify and understand how a government program or policy not only addresses this goal (or goals), but also the related objectives in the areas of public health, energy access, air quality and others.

For example, a policy to support economic growth through added capacity for electricity generation offers technology choices. The Benefits Assessment Working Group’s approach helps decision-makers understand the consequences of choosing renewable energy technologies. The approach goes beyond capital and operating costs and includes impacts on jobs, public health, energy security and other criteria.

Download a two-page factsheet about the Working Group at right, with details of how to get in touch, and join the group’s activities.