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Low Carbon Economy

The Low Carbon Economy is a free platform designed to facilitate the transition to a low carbon economy by connecting people and businesses with relevant information, solutions and opportunities.

There is an urgent need to transition to a low carbon economy to address the global challenges of diminishing fossil fuel reserves, climate change, environmental management and finite natural resources serving an expanding world population.

The transition to a Low Carbon Economy represents one of the greatest challenges the population faces, but it also offers one of the greatest business opportunities:

Energy Efficiency
With diminishing fossil fuel reserves it is important to use existing energy resources efficiently.
This creates opportunities for:

– Energy efficient lighting, voltage optimization, energy management, low power electronic equipment, insulation.

Resource Efficiency
Energy underpins everything we do, so any wastage has both a resource and energy cost.
This creates opportunities for:

– Recyclable materials, less energy intensive manufacturing methods, reducing packaging, sustainable agriculture, low carbon materials.

Renewable & Sustainable Energy
Energy harnessed from nature is more sustainable and has a lower carbon footprint than traditional fossil fuel sources.
This creates opportunities for:

– Wind energy, solar power, fuel cells, biofuels, wave power, hydro power, geothermal energy.

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