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Low carbon society development: towards 2025 in Bangladesh

Low carbon society development: towards 2025 in Bangladesh proposes a scenario for the realization of sustainable and low carbon society development in Bangladesh. It aims to give an initial vision of a possible low-carbon society scenario in Bangladesh, which consists of future changes in demography, transport, industry, energy demand and CO2 emissions in 2025.

The concept of low carbon society is not only to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but also focuses on better energy efficiency which then improves economic productivity. It is a combined cycle of energy system transformation and economic development.

Bangladesh is an energy poor country and uses little modern energy. The country needs to improve the energy consumption pattern by developing energy system in an efficient and sustainable way that not heavily reliant on CO2 emission. Low carbon energy mix and energy efficiency improvement can meet this challenge of CO2 emission reduction.

For Bangladesh, building low-carbon society will be both a challenge and an opportunity. This report provides essential socio-economic information and potential low carbon measures for policy makers, administrators, stake-holders and academic researchers in integration of effective climate change actions in development plans of the country. These research findings will contribute as the preliminary step of discussion to precede the formulation of policy for Bangladesh.

Read the report here: Low carbon society development: towards 2025 in Bangladesh