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Low carbon society roadmap 2050: India

This Low carbon society roadmap is intended to communicate to the policy makers how to effectively integrate climate change actions in the development plans of the country. The actions outlined in the document, aim to guide effective transition towards a Low Carbon India.

Low carbon society scenarios visualize social, economic and technological transitions through which societies respond to climate change. Although India’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on per capita basis are very low as compared to other developed countries, the current assessment considers alignment of India’s development pathway with the 2 0 C global aspirational stabilization target.

This report assesses two paradigms for transiting to a low carbon future in India. First pathway assumes conventional development pattern together with a carbon price that aligns India’s emissions to an optimal 450 ppmv CO2e stabilization global response. The second emissions pathway assumes an underlying sustainable development pattern caricatured by diverse response measures typical of the ‘sustainability’ paradigm.

Our research approach and findings, we hope, shall contribute in sustainable transition of India, one of the world‟s fastest growing economy, to a Low Carbon Society.

Read the  Low carbon society roadmap.