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Low emission development strategies and nationally appropriate mitigation actions: Europe and CIS

This how-to guide is intended to help policy makers and policy experts determine opportunities for low emission development and design national low emission development strategies (LEDS) or nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs) in their respective countries.

The transition to low emission development in both developed and developing economies has been recognized internationally as an imperative to stabilizing greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations in line with a 2o C temperature increase scenario.

Recognizing that each country has unique national circumstances and priorities, this guide describes the main steps in the process of developing LEDS and NAMAs that a country would need to follow; it identifies the main questions that need to be addressed at each stage of the process and describes the main relevant policy instruments available, based on the analysis of the practical experience with LEDS and related processes to date. Where possible the guide uses practical examples to illustrate various elements of a LEDS.

This guide is particularly targeted at countries in Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States region, however it can also be useful for countries in other regions.

Read low emission development strategies and nationally appropriate mitigation actions: Eastern Europe and CIS.