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Making Fast Start Finance Work

This paper aims to provide a fact base on the current sources of Fast Start Finance, including size, composition, and intended use, as well as analysis on the Fast Start Finance priorities and the institutional mechanisms needed to ensure that it delivers real impact.

For Fast Start Finance to be a success, it will need to be deployed both quickly at scale and effectively – laying the foundation for future action. This raises a set of questions around what the sources of funding will be, how the funds will be used and how spending will be coordinated. Interviews with contributor and recipient countries have highlighted a lack of clarity and alignment on the answers to these important questions despite already being six months into the three year Fast Start period.

The analysis in this paper, presented by the ClimateWorks Foundation and the European Climate Foundation, draws on largely publicly available sources of information, refined where possible by interviews with major contributor countries. This information is clearly subject to change, but our hope is that these initial estimates can serve as the basis for discussion between different contributor countries, and between contributor and developing countries, with the expectation that estimates will be refined as new data comes to hand.

Read the paper here: Making Fast Start Finance Work.