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The Manual of European Environmental Policy (2014)

The Manual is the most systematic, comprehensive and reliable source of information on EU environmental policy and is an essential research tool for anyone working, studying or researching in this field. This publication is the result of more than three decades of work by the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP): an independent, not for profit institute dedicated to advancing an environmentally sustainable Europe through policy analysis, development and dissemination.

An understanding of EU environmental law and its effects is essential for individuals and organisations concerned with environmental policy, either at the national or international level. However, as the body of EU legislation grows, and the nature of environmental policy evolves, it is getting increasingly difficult to keep up with the developments and their implications. Hence the need for a reliable and systematic Manual, updated regularly and combining a guide to individual measures with the necessary background and context.

The Manual contains analysis of over 700 EU Directives, Decision and Regulations as well as information on forthcoming legislation and historic legislation. All areas of EU environmental policy are covered including climate change, biodiversity, water, waste, resource use, chemicals and industrial pollution. Other policy areas which have a significant impact on the environment are also included such as fisheries, energy, transport and agriculture.

Find the chapters here:

Chapter 1 – Policy framework
Chapter 2 – Air quality
Chapter 3 – Climate change
Chapter 4 – Industrial pollution
Chapter 5 – Water and marine
Chapter 6 – Waste
Chapter 7 – Resource use
Chapter 8 – Chemicals
Chapter 9 – Biodiversity
Chapter 10 – Noise
Chapter 11 – Supporting policy
Chapter 12 – Funding instruments
Chapter 13 – Sectoral policies
Forthcoming policy and index