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Mini-grid renewable energy best practices and lessons learned

The World Bank has compiled a list of resources relating to best practices and lessons learned from mini-grid renewable energy innovations and measures.

Documents include:

China Village Power Project Development Guidebook: Getting Power to the People Who Need it Most, a publication of the SEPA/UNDP/GEF project CPR/97/G31, Capacity Building for Rapid Commercialization of Renewable Energy in China
This guidebook provides background information on increasing electricity access in remote areas of China and includes step-by-step guidelines for developing sustainable community village power systems for use by government officials, planners and community members.

“PV Hybrid Village Electrification In Spain: 6 Years Experience with MSG (Multi-user Solar Hybrid Grids), Vosseler, E. Ramírez, X. Vallvé, Trama Tecnoambiental S.L. and J. M. Carreras, Asociación SEBA.”
An overview of the experience in Spain with Multi-User Solar Hybrid Grid (MSG) systems.

Meeting the Challenge of Rural Electrification in Developing Nations: The experience of successful programs, ESMAP Discussion Report

Rural Electrification, Micro-finance and Micro and Small Business (MSB) Development: Lessons for the Nicaragua Off-grid Rural Electrification Project, ESMAP, M. Motta and K. Reiche
This paper outlines the key electrification, micro-finance and business considerations as a basis for the design of the Nicaragua Off-Grid Rural Electrification Project.

Best Practice Manual: Promoting Decentralized Electrification Investment, Energy Sector Management Assistance Programme, Joint UNDP/World Bank
This manual provides background information and serves as a guide for implementing decentralized electrification projects in developing countries.

Mini- Grid Design Manual, ESMAP
This manual supports the design of efficient village electrification schemes and presents theory, technical information as well as the lessons from field experience.

Best Practices for Sustainable Development of Micro Hydro Power in Developing Countries, Smail Khennas and Andrew Barnett, the Department for International Development, UK and The World Bank
This report summarizes the lessons learnt and draws out the Best Practices from the experience with micro hydro developments in Sri Lanka, Peru, Nepal, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Expanding electricity access to remote areas: off-grid rural electrification in developing countries 
This paper presents off-grid design issues, business models and least-cost options for rural electrification based on lessons learnt in off-grid concessions and twelve solar home system projects in Argentina.

Lessons Learned, NREL Village Power Program
This paper synthesizes the lessons learnt from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) renewable energy village power development projects.

The Status Quo, Barriers, and Countermeasures to Small Hydropower Development in Rural China, Hydropower and Rural Electrification Development Bureau, the Ministry of Water Conservancy, Liu Jinghe
This presentation reviews the achievements, barriers and recommendations for small hydropower development in rural China.

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