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Mobilizing a local green economy using a sector development agency: webinar and related resources

This webinar, from our Subnational Integration Working Group and GreenCape, a sector development agency, highlights how GreenCape has contributed to realizing significant private sector investment and employment in green business, technologies and manufacturing.

Established in 2010, GreenCape is a sector development agency that supports and promotes the green economy—low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive—in the Western Cape Province, South Africa. GreenCape is the first African member of the International Cleantech network, and was recently recognized at the UNCTAD Investment Promotion Awards at the World Investment Forum, for its role in partnering with national and regional investment promotion agencies in the local green economy.

The webinar accompanies a case study on GreenCape’s success, which you can find here: Mobilizing a local green economy: GreenCape in the Western Cape, South Africa

Presentations from the webinar:

Watch the video from the webinar here:




Photo: Trevor Samson/World Bank