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National plan on climate change – Brazil

The Brazil National Plan on Climate Change is an important milestone for the integration and harmonization of public policies, following the general guidelines of the national policy sent to the National Congress. The Plan is based on the work of the Interministerial Committee on Climate Change and its Executive Group, in collaboration with other fora and institutions such as the Brazilian Forum on Climate Change, Interministerial Commission on Global Climate Change, the III National Conference on the Environment and the State Fora on Climate Change, and civil society organizations.

This Plan is an important milestone to enhance the design and implementation of public policies in the country, and commits to regularly evaluate and improve it in an inclusive manner. This is the most appropriate way to integrate, harmonize, enhance and strengthen the efforts and commitments of governments and civil society focused on building a better future for Brazilians and humankind as a whole.

Download Brazil’s National Plan on Climate Change.