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New York City Transit Diesel Hybrid-Electric Buses Final Results: DOE/ NREL Transit Bus Evaluation Project

This report provides final results from New York City’s Transit program’s operation of 10 heavy duty hybrid diesel-electric transit bus prototypes.

The report includes fleet summary statistics for fleet operations and maintenance costs. Emissions results are presented for buses tested in the study. The study provides guidance for communities who are initiating a hybrid transit program including engaging the right stakeholders, determining operational baselines, evaluating options and determining feasibility, and developing goals. Lessons learned are also presented, which can help communities avoid problems in their program development.

The objective of the research project was to provide transportation professionals with quantitative, unbiased information on the cost, maintenance, operational, and emission characteristics of diesel hybrid-electric systems as one alternative to conventional diesel engines for heavy-duty transit bus applications.

In addition, this information should benefit decision makers by providing a real-world account of the obstacles that were encountered and overcome and the lessons that were learned in adapting hybrid buses to a transit site previously geared toward conventional diesel buses.

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