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NREL Energy Data Bus

NREL’s Energy Data Bus allows organizations to track and analyze energy use on their facility, which can be anything from a single building to a large military base or college campus.

Managing and minimizing energy consumption on a large campus is usually a difficult task for facility managers: There may be hundreds of energy meters spread across a campus, and the meter data are often recorded by hand. Even when data are captured electronically, there may be measurement issues or time periods that may not coincide. Making sense of this limited and often confusing data can be a challenge that makes the assessment of building performance a struggle for many facility managers.

The Energy Data Bus software was developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to address these issues on its own campus, but with an eye toward offering its software solutions to other facilities. Key features include the software’s ability to store large amounts of data collected at high frequencies—NREL collects some of its energy data every second—and rich functionality to integrate this wide variety of data into a single database.

Access the NREL Energy Data Bus.