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Participatory carbon monitoring: operational guidance for national REDD+ carbon accounting

This operational guidance document describes the potential benefits and limitations of participatory carbon monitoring (PCM), as well as the roles and key functions of stakeholder groups in PCM for national Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) carbon accounting.

PCM is presented in this document as an approach to improve the vertical and horizontal institutional integration of different stakeholders for carbon accounting within a country’s national REDD+ program.

This document aims to guide national stakeholders involved in the REDD+ readiness process in understanding:

  • a) what a PCM approach is, and what are potential and limitations involved (Section 1); and
  • b) how to organize stakeholders and operationalize carbon accounting within a PCM approach for national REDD+ programs (Section 2).

PCM applications for REDD+ other than carbon accounting are also introduced but not elaborated on in this document:

  • safeguard compliance;
  • low emissions development planning;
  • benefit sharing;
  • monitoring REDD+ policies and measures

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