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Policy Analysis Modeling System (PAMS)

The Policy Analysis Modeling System (PAMS) is an easy-to-use tool that helps policymakers assess the benefits of standards and labeling programs and identify the most attractive targets for appliance efficiency levels. The tool uses a bottom-up approach, using technical specifications for particular products in estimating the increased cost to the consumer resulting from implementation of particular energy-saving designs. It is designed to operate for the widest possible variety of countries, and with as little need as possible for detailed input data. For more accurate results, it can be easily customized to use the most reliable country-specific data inputs.

Decision makers – including policymakers, funding agencies, and other stakeholders – need to know the potential environmental and financial impacts of any standards and labeling policy under consideration. This information is essential to prioritizing strategies that maximize benefits for both consumers and governments. Even at the initial stages of policy development, having access to comprehensive estimates of energy savings and monetary costs and benefits is critical.

PAMS is an Excel workbook designed to give first-order policy impacts projections with a minimum of preparatory research on the part of local policymakers. The tool can be used ‘out of the box’ to estimate costs and benefits of different standards and labeling policies for over 150 countries. Advanced users can improve the accuracy of estimates by customizing the tool with any country-specific data that are available.

Key questions addressed:

  • What are the costs and GHG benefits of energy efficiency labeling and efficiency policies?

Sample data inputs:

  • Country of policy
  • Policy start/end dates
  • Discount rates
  • Appliance types
  • Efficiency ratings
  • Energy costs
  • GDP growth rate

Sample quantitative outputs:

  • Cost savings
  • Incremental equipment cost
  • Net present benefit
  • Cost/benefit ratio
  • Energy savings
  • CO2 reductions
  • Appliance sales

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PAMS methodology

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Tool Summary

  • Free
Expertise Required:
  • Simple
Geographic Scope:
  • National
  • Policy
Impacts Assessed:
  • Economic
    • General
  • Environmental
    • Greenhouse Gases