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Public perception study on air quality of Sri Lanka

The government is taking several initiatives to improve the air quality in Sri Lanka. Much of the policy level discussions take place amongst practitioners, policy makers, research and development institutes and others. The general public, which is a major stakeholder, is often overlooked in the national policy development strategy. It is very important to integrate public opinion in the national development policies. Awareness and information sharing is one of the key features that helps in mitigating health risks associated with air pollution. This survey on air quality management in Sri Lanka is carried out with the general public and the response generated will be used to project public perceptions that could be utilized by decision makers in policy development.


  • Determine public perception on air quality management in Sri Lanka
  • Identify and rank the national policy depending upon its functionality and priority in improving air quality in Sri Lanka
  • Recognize the leading health hazard associated with air pollution
  • Engage young volunteers from University in the survey study thereby promoting participation and skill development

Download the document here: Public perception survey study on air quality of Sri Lanka