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Quick start tutorial: how to use COBRA

This presentation offers a quick start tutorial for using the Co-Benefits Risk Assessment (COBRA) screening model, which can be used to estimate the air quality, human health, and associated economic impacts of various state-and county-level emission reduction scenarios.

The presentation summarizes four key analytical steps to conducting an analysis with COBRA:

  1. Estimate where (e.g., in one or more counties or states, regionally, nationally) and what emission reductions will take place
  2. Enter the location, types, and quantity of emission reductions expected from the policy or activity in COBRA
  3. Select a discount rate in COBRA to appropriately discount the value of future benefits
  4. Run the model and review the results

It also provides details of two case studies which illustrate how to apply those steps in clean energy scenarios. The case studies are a wind energy program and renewable portfolio standard.

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