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Renewable energy case studies

The World Bank has compiled a list of case studies showcasing the best practices and lessons learned from implementing renewable energy systems around the world.

The case studies are divided into:

  • Grid-connected renewable energy systems,
  • Mini-grid renewable energy systems, and
  • Stand alone renewable energy systems.

Grid-connected renewable energy systems

  • China renewable energy: a programmatic approach
  • Sri Lanka: renewable energy program
  • Thailand: small power producer program
  • Uganda energy for rural transformation program
  • Mexico: large scale renewable energy development project
  • Turkey renewable energy project
  • Germany’s pricing law

Mini-grid renewable energy systems

  • Sri Lanka RE program: village hydro
  • China: capacity building for the rapid commercialization of renewable energy
  • The Philippines: biomass gasifier–based community productive uses
  • Mexico: renewable energy for agriculture
  • Peru: solar / diesel hybrid RAPS system
  • Thailand: mini-grid rural electrification
  • Chile: rural electricity subsidies and the private sector

Stand alone renewable energy systems

  • Nepal: biogas support program
  • Sri Lanka RE program: solar PV
  • India: consumer credit program for PV
  • China renewable energy development -solar PV
  • Bangladesh: solar home program on credit sales
  • SELCO: credit sale model
  • PVMTI: IFC / GEF PV program
  • Argentine off-grid electrification concessionaire
  • Bolivia: decentralized energy for rural transformation program
  • Nicaragua off-grid rural electrification project
  • Soluz: fee-for-service model
  • Uganda energy for rural transformation program
  • Senegal: diffusion of energy services in rural areas

View the full list of case studies.