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Renewable energy planning: multiparametric cost optimization

This presentation, Renewable energy planning: multiparametric cost optimization, describes a method for determining the combination of renewable energy technologies that minimize life cycle cost at facilities.

A constraint of percent renewable energy use may be added to the optimization, including ‘net-zero’ utility energy use for a facility, while minimizing life-cycle cost. Many organizations operate enough real property making it affordable for them to take a ‘portfolio’ approach and designate at least one of their facilities to demonstrate net-zero utility use. For example, a convenience food manufacturer and the National Zoo have asked the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to help them achieve this goal in 2007. NREL’s capabilities put it in a good position to provide this service.

The method described in this seminar uses the lab’s expertise in technology characterization, geographic information systems (GIS), and resource assessment. Discussion will focus on the appropriate values to use for technology characterization ($/kW of capacity, O&M costs, efficiency of technologies, etc.), status of GIS information available for use in the analysis, and various techniques used in the solver routine, including the capabilities of advanced solver engines. Several case studies will be discussed including a military base.

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