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Renewable Energy Project Resource Center (REPRC)

The Renewable Energy Project Resource Center (REPRC) offers project-relevant renewable energy documents to the global energy community.

It includes:

  • sample terms of reference (TORs),
  • examples of economic and financial analysis,
  • sample legal & procurement documents,
  • Case studies with analysis of success factors and lessons learned.

Having such documents readily available can reduce transaction costs such as those associated with having to create new TOR or contract templates from scratch. The REPRC brings these documents together under a simple interface that will significantly improve the quality, ease, and access to information for the global renewable energy development community.

The Center is hosted on Energypedia’s open wiki-based platform, allowing anyone to locate documents through browse and search functions, and to add new ones, thus contributing to a shared body of knowledge. The platform also allows for facilitated interactions through dedicated spaces for discussion and private messages to other users.

Access the Renewable Energy Project Resource Center (REPRC)