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Singapore’s national climate change strategy

This national climate change strategy presents Singapore’s current and future efforts to address climate change in vulnerability and adaptation, as well as mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. The strategy also outlines our local competency-building efforts and our participation in international climate change discussions.

Environmental sustainability and economic growth have been key drivers of Singapore’s socio-economic development. As a small country with few natural resources, it is important Singapore optimizes the use of its available environmental and energy resources, and at the same time achieves synergies across the policy objectives of environmental sustainability, economic competitiveness and energy security.

The national climate change strategy reiterates Singapore’s commitment to do its part in the international effort to address climate change. The challenge of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions is not one that the country can tackle alone. It requires the commitment and participation of all countries, under the auspices of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

All countries have to play a role consistent with their unique national circumstances. Singapore will do its part, in particular by improving the energy efficiency of our major energy sectors, namely power generation, industries, transport, buildings and households. Singapore is also committed to the global research effort on climate change and energy technologies and is investing to develop technologies that can help the world meet the climate change challenge, in the areas of solar energy and water.

Read the Singapore national climate change strategy.