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State and Local Solution Center

The State and Local Solution Center provides resources, events, and assistance to state, local, tribal, and K-12 school district leaders working to unlock a clean energy economy. Resources in the State and Local Solution Center, from the US Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, are organized into five categories. Learn more about clean energy solutions for your community by exploring one of the following focus areas:

  • Strategic energy planning
  • Energy policies & programs
  • Financing
  • Energy data management
  • Energy technologies

The transition to a clean energy economy — saving energy in our buildings, generating clean and reliable electricity, and promoting sustainable transportation — will lead to a range of benefits most of us are familiar with by now: reduced waste and savings to taxpayers, job and economic growth, a cleaner environment, and a more secure energy future. Of course, this transition won’t happen without leadership and commitment, and state, local, tribal, and K-12 school district leaders across the country are stepping up and meeting this challenge.

The State and Local Solution Center supports these leaders by providing resources to advance successful, high-impact clean energy policies, programs, and projects. The Solution Center focuses on five key priority areas for which it develops resources, hosts events, and facilitates communication and learning among peers. This approach is illustrated in the graphic below. By championing state and local leadership, addressing specific market barriers, and promoting standardized approaches, the Solution Center aim to help states, local governments, Indian tribes, and K-12 schools take clean energy to scale in their communities.

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