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Sustainable bioenergy: a framework for decision makers

This report, Sustainable bioenergy: a framework for decsion makers, contributes to international discussions on strategies and policies needed to ensure economic, sustainable, and equitable development of bioenergy. It points to key social, economic, and ecological sustainability issues raised by the rapid development of bioenergy in both small- and large-scale applications.

The paper is intended to raise key questions and explain the principal trade-offs involved in bioenergy development. It provides a framework for decision-makers on key sustainability issues and addresses action at national and international level.

The paper encompasses all bioenergy systems but focuses in particular on modern bioenergy which includes liquid biofuels, biogas and solid biomass for heat and power generation. Traditional use of bioenergy in the form of inefficient direct combustion, is prevalent in many poor rural regions but is not the primary focus of this document. Because of rapidly increasing attention to liquid biofuels, this paper discusses these in more detail.

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