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LEAF technical guidance series: Emission factors for deforestation

This module is used as a first step in developing a reference level for deforestation only that can then be combined with modules used to estimate historical emissions and removals from other REDD+ activities. This module uses the AD-D module and the EF-D module to estimate historical emissions from deforestation, defined as the long-term or permanent conversion of forest land to non-forest land. The definition of forest is determined by each individual country.

Key prerequisite decisions, data and technical capacity (e.g. hardware, software and experts) must be fulfilled as described in the ‘Technical Guidance for the Development of a Terrestrial Carbon Monitoring System for REDD+ Framework’ document.

This is part of Lowering Emissions in Asia’s Forests (LEAF)’s Technical Guidance Series for the Development of a National or Subnational Forest Monitoring System for REDD+.

Access the module here: Emission factors for deforestation

Access the Vietnamese language version of the module here.

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