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Technology Needs Assessment handbook

The Technology Needs Assessment handbook is designed to assist countries in making informed decisions in their technology choices.

Building on lessons from earlier Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) efforts over the past decade, it offers a systematic approach for conducting TNAs in order to identify, evaluate and prioritize technological means for both mitigation and adaptation. It also provides processes and methodologies for uncovering gaps in enabling frameworks and capacities and for formulating a national action plan to overcome them, as part of overall climate change strategies and plans such as Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) and National Adaptation Programs of Action (NAPAs).

TNAs are a key step for countries in establishing climate resilient development strategies. It is important that countries select technologies that will enable them to achieve development equity and environmental sustainability, and to follow a low emissions and low vulnerability development path.

This handbook presents a flexible and systematic approach for that. In addition, the handbook contains steps for identifying activities to accelerate the development and transfer of the priority technologies in the country concerned.

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