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The smart grid: an introduction

The smart grid: an introduction is a US Department of Energy publication that explains what the smart grid is, and explores challenges, opportunities, and the need for smart grid implementation.

The US electric industry is poised to make the transformation from a centralized, producer-controlled network to one that is less centralized and more consumer-interactive. The move to a smarter grid promises to change the industry’s entire business model and its relationship with all stakeholders, involving and affecting utilities, regulators, energy service providers, technology and automation vendors and all consumers of electric power.

In addition to The smart grid: an introduction, there are six books directed at specific stakeholder groups: utilities, environmental groups, technology providers, regulators, policymakers, and consumer advocates. These explain what the smart grid means to each of these groups, and why it is important to them. These publications may be useful to communities in understanding what the smart grid is, and how smart grid options may help them accomplish community energy goals.

Read The smart grid: an introduction.


Find the six stakeholder-specific publications online.