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Training program for the review experts of GHG inventories

This training program is intended to train review experts for the technical review of information reported under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) related to greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories by Annex I parties (developed countries).

The courses of the program are mandatory for any expert with relevant GHG inventory experience, who has not previously participated in GHG inventory reviews. Each trainee taking the basic course will be required to study the general module and one sector-specific module. Trainees are allocated to sector-specific modules based on their previous experience in national GHG inventories and the needs of the inventory review process. At the request of any party, the training courses will also be made available to other experts interested in the technical review of GHG inventories.

All courses are available online and offered through the internet in an e-learning format for a study period of six weeks each year. During this period, trainees are expected to dedicate time to complete and follow the on-line courses. Instructors are available during this period to answer questions on the course content and to monitor the individual performance of trainees throughout their study. for trainees with limited access to internet, the secretariat can provide the e-learning courses on a CD-ROM. The working language for the training is English. A good command of this language is required for participating in the training program.

Following completion of the online courses, the UNFCCC secretariat conducts a closing training seminar for around 30 trainees each year to provide additional hands-on experience with inventory review materials. During the seminar, trainees conduct a simulation of a centralized review of real GHG inventory materials with the support of instructors and the secretariat. The seminar will conclude with mandatory two examinations for all trainees on the basic course contents, covering both general and sector-specific aspects of inventory reviews. Additional regional training seminars following a study period of six weeks may also be offered, depending on the availability of resources.

For more information visit the training program website.