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Transport for sustainable development in the ECE region

This report, Transport for Sustainable Development in the ECE region, deals with issues and best practices in inland transport, i.e. in road, rail, inland waterway and intermodal transport. It also outlines key United Nations Economic Commission for Europe contributions and reviews progress towards the development of more sustainable inland transport.

Transport affects social, economic and environmental sustainability. Transport links markets and individuals, making regions more competitive and promoting individuals’ social and economic development. The transport system provides the individual with access to basic social services, such as health, food, education, employment and recreational activities. This requires the transport system to be safe to ensure that human health is not at risk. Environmental sustainability is affected negatively by
transport through the consumption of non‐renewable energy, the emissions of harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases, through the generation of waste and by a reduction of natural habitat.

View the report here: Transport for Sustainable Development in the ECE region.