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Transportation Demand Management (TDM) encyclopedia

The online Transportation Demand Management (TDM) encyclopedia is the world’s most comprehensive information resource concerning innovative transportation management strategies.

It describes dozens of TDM strategies and contains information on TDM planning, evaluation and implementation, and contains thousands of hyperlinks that provide instant access to more detailed information, including case studies and reference documents.

TDM (also called Mobility Management) refers to various strategies that change travel behavior (how, when and where people travel) in order to increase transport system efficiency and achieve specific planning objectives. TDM is increasingly used to address a variety of problems.

The encyclopedia has an international perspective, with ideas and examples from all over the world, including both developed and developing countries. The encyclopedia is created and maintained by the Victoria Transport Policy Institute (VTPI), an independent research organization located in Victoria, British Columbia.

Access the online Transportation Demand Management (TDM) encyclopedia.