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US national hydrogen energy roadmap

The US national hydrogen energy roadmap explores the wide range of activities required to realize hydrogen’s potential in solving US energy security, diversity, and environmental needs.

It is intended to inspire the organizations that invest in hydrogen energy systems—public and private, State and Federal, businesses and interest groups—to become involved in a coordinated effort to reduce risk, improve performance, decrease cost, and implement a secure, clean, and reliable energy future.

Hydrogen holds the potential to provide a clean, reliable, and affordable energy supply that can enhance America’s economy, environment, and security. This roadmap provides a blueprint for the coordinated, long-term, public and private efforts required for hydrogen energy development.

An energy economy based on hydrogen could resolve growing concerns about America’s energy supply, security, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. Hydrogen offers the long-term potential for an energy system that produces near-zero emissions and is based on domestically available resources.

Before hydrogen can achieve its promise, however, stakeholders must work together to overcome an array of technical, economic, and institutional challenges. This roadmap outlines key issues and challenges in hydrogen energy development and suggests paths that government and industry can take to expand use of hydrogen-based energy.

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