USAID toolkit for increasing energy access

9am, July 29th, 2015

The toolkit is collection of resources related to energy access in developing counties from the US Agency for International Development. Though this toolkit is an ongoing activity, for now it is organized into a “topics” section and six “modules”.

The audience: Anyone preparing, implementing or reviewing a project, program, business plan or proposal aimed at increasing modern energy services to presently un-served or underserved populations.

The content: A set of presentations, a collection of case studies, a set of tools to help with planning and implementation, a list of documents spanning global references to on-the-ground reports, a video library, and an external links resource.

The focus: Developing country energy access. However, the content is relevant to almost any region and easily applies beyond just energy.

Usage: Everyone learns differently, so it depends on the user. However, there should be enough narrative, quantitative and visual information here to satisfy a wide cross-section of interested parties. Tour the entire site, download and examine at least one component from each of the major sections, and see how they work for you. Please contact the administrators ( & to share your concerns and suggest improvements. The site is presented in a “building block” format, an approach validated by separate experiences with entrepreneurs and international development professionals. Feel free to suggest an alternate approach.

Creation: As a repository of materials related to energy development; to create a place where even better materials can be routed; and to make these materials accessible to busy professionals. Any original material is meant to synthesize lessons learned and to place experiences in a framework that can help professionals get the job done.

Practical experiences inform the toolkit: some projects are successful, scaleable and self-sustaining, while others are, at best, only partially successful. This toolkit aims to convey lessons learned from successes and failures in the field.

View the toolkit here: USAID toolkit for increasing energy access.

Institutions Involved

  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
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