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User’s manual for the Co-Benefits Risk Assessment (COBRA) screening model

This manual provides instructions on installing and using the Co-Benefits Risk Assessment (COBRA) screening model, developed by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

COBRA is a tool that provides preliminary estimates of the impact of air pollution emission changes on ambient particulate matter (PM) air pollution concentrations, translates this into health effect impacts, and then monetizes these impacts.

State and local governments can use COBRA to:

  • Better understand the potential for clean energy to enhance air quality, health, and social well being.
  • Design or select program options that maximize benefits.
  • Build support for clean energy investments based on the air and health benefits.
  • Narrow a list of policy options to those that should be evaluated using more sophisticated air quality models.
  • Present information about localized health benefits in easy–to–interpret tables and maps.
  • Support a balanced decision-making process that considers both the potential costs and benefits of policy options.

Read the user’s manual for the Co-Benefits Risk Assessment (COBRA) screening model.