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Winrock Environment Group factsheet

Winrock’s Environment Group fosters sustainable management and the use of natural resources that support the needs of growing populations and the health of the planet. The Environment Group includes Forestry & Natural Resource Management, Ecosystem Services and the American Carbon Registry. Winrock works with a range of partners including The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), The World Bank, The Asian Development Bank, the private sector, academia and numerous NGOs and foundations worldwide.

Winrock’s Forestry and Natural Resource Management (FNRM) unit promotes practical approaches to promote conservation, mitigate climate change, build resilience and support adaptation strategies. FNRM integrates good governance with applied science and effective capacity building to meet economic needs in developing countries. The group works with communities and governments to foster incentives for sustainable land use and alternative income strategies to reduce pressure on natural resources.

Winrock’s Ecosystem Services unit (ECO) develops, translates and applies the latest science to create methods that support the optimal sustainable use of natural resources. The team is composed of several internationally recognized leaders in ecosystem assessment, valuation and payments for ecosystem services, and is a trend setter in greenhouse gas measurement and monitoring approaches. ECO provides scientific and analytic guidance to governments, businesses and other stakeholders in low emission development, climate resiliency, forest inventory systems, monitoring systems and REDD+ frameworks. ECO is a leader in the development of science-based, user-focused interactive decision support tools for sustainability assessment, measurement and monitoring in the land use and forestry sector. ECO has earned a reputation for using cutting edge, scientifically robust geospatial and remote-sensing solutions, as well as a proven record of successful technical assistance to projects focused on afforestation, REDD+, avoided peat emissions, agriculture commodity (e.g., palm oil), and improved forest and watershed management.

Download the factsheet here: Winrock Environment Group factsheet.

Image credit: CIFOR