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Winrock International’s climate change adaptation factsheet

Through participatory vulnerability assessments, Winrock helps communities improve their understanding of specific hazards and how to reduce the risk of erosion, landslides and flooding. They provide training on short-term disaster response and help communities develop early warning systems to improve their resilience. The training is supplemented with long-term climate change adaptation plans that reduce exposure and sensitivity and increase adaptive capacity to specific hazards.

Government leaders can play a pivotal role in tackling climate change. Winrock works closely with local, regional and national authorities to improve their knowledge of climate change and integrate climate change considerations into formal planning processes, such as land use, zoning, and socioeconomic development planning. We build the capacity of governments to share climate information, and help authorities improve the quality and dissemination of hydrometeorological information.

Read the factsheet on Winrock International’s climate change adaptation work here.

Image credit: Bob Ramsak