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Winrock International’s Environment Group and Clean Energy factsheet

Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) are vital components of sustainable development, which pro- mote socially responsible economic growth and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. LEDS integrates climate resilience into development planning, and enables decision makers to prioritize opportunities to reduce emissions.

LEDS involves an inclusive process of collecting information on current sources of emissions, identifying, analyzing and prioritizing opportunities to reduce emissions, followed by implementation and ongoing adaptive management. Winrock International has been involved in each step of the LEDS process, working with governments, local stakeholders, donors, the private sector and other financial institutions. It is a cross-cutting component that Winrock incorporates across its work in agriculture, energy, water and natural resource management to promote sustainable development.

Download the factsheet here: Winrock International’s Environment Group and Clean Energy factsheet.

Image credit: Curt Carnemark/ World Bank