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Zero carbon Latin America

Zero carbon Latin America is a vision paper that presents an analysis to visualize a pathway for complete decarbonization of the Latin American and the Caribbean regional economy by mid-century. This is done through the review of specific sector-wide actions, within a foreseeable technology and economics context. The analysis is being done at a time of considerable momentum to address the climate challenge, at a global level; and, after a decade of remarkable socio-economic progress at a regional level. The report also comments on key barriers to be addressed. Aiming at full decarbonization in economic activities is increasingly relevant as the consequences of climate change have become clearer and the prospect of surpassing the dangerous threshold of 2 degrees warming now seems more likely.

The route to a zero net emissions economy by mid-century, examined in this report includes the following actions:

  • Full decarbonization of the power sector;
  • Mass electrification of the transport sector;
  • Grid integration of the regional economies;
  • Expansion of the power system to absorb the new demand by transport;
  • Zero net deforestation;
  • Restoration of about 200 million Ha of degraded land through a combination of natural and assisted reforestation, agroforestry and silvopastures;
  • Reduction of emissions from agriculture through nutrient management measures;
  • Abatement measures in industry.

Download the paper in English here: Zero carbon Latin America

Download the paper in Spanish here: Carbono cero America Latina