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On this page, you can find resources and tools to help in the design and implementation of LEDS. These include case studies, policy guides, manuals, research papers, training resources and webinars all from a wide range of sources. They are listed in chronological order, starting with the most recent at the top.

You can filter the resources by regions and working groups and sub-themes in the filter below. For ease of reference, some key resources created by LEDS GP working groups are also collated under working group pages.

Featured LEDS GP toolkits:

Development impact assessment toolkit

Energy toolkit

Transport toolkit

Resource guide for NDC finance

If there is a resource that you think should be included in our list, please email us at

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Presentations from our Africa regional workshop

We're pleased to share the presentations from the third annual regional workshop of the Africa LEDS Partnership (AfLP), which took place on the 27th June 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda. The [more]…

Presentation from the 'LEDS GP Post-Paris and 2016 outlook' webinar

Following the Conference of the Parties (COP21), the LEDS GP Secretariat shared their reflections on the Paris outcome and what it means for our work on low-emission development strategies (LEDS) [more]…

Resources from the LEDS GP Annual Event 2015

Please download our workshop report for a full synthesis of the activities and learnings from the event. The fourth global annual event, Implementing LEDS: Innovation and Good Practices, was held from [more]…

Introduction to the POLES model

This presentation, by EnerFuture, offers an introduction to the POLES model. The POLES model, or Prospective Outlook on Long-term Energy Systems, is an internationally recognized techno-economic model for projecting the supply & demand [more]…

Quick start tutorial: how to use COBRA

This presentation offers a quick start tutorial for using the Co-Benefits Risk Assessment (COBRA) screening model, which can be used to estimate the air quality, human health, and associated economic impacts [more]…

Estimating the co-benefits of clean energy policies: Why use COBRA

This presentation explains the benefits and uses of the Co-benefits Risk Assessment (COBRA) screening model. COBRA is a tool which can be used to estimate the air quality, human health, and associated economic [more]…

Renewable energy feed-in tariffs: lessons learned from the US and abroad presentation

This webinar on feed-in tariffs: lessons learned from the US and abroad covers the following topics: Feed-in tariff (FIT) policy overview FIT policy implementation in the U.S. Policy design comparison with [more]…

Mitigation assessments

This training package, containing PowerPoint presentations and notes, a handbook and reference materials, is designed to facilitate the preparation of mitigation assessments. Societies can respond to climate change by reducing [more]…

Renewable energy planning: multiparametric cost optimization

This presentation, Renewable energy planning: multiparametric cost optimization, describes a method for determining the combination of renewable energy technologies that minimize life cycle cost at facilities. A constraint of percent [more]…

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