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On this page, you can find resources and tools to help in the design and implementation of LEDS. These include case studies, policy guides, manuals, research papers, training resources and webinars all from a wide range of sources. They are listed in chronological order, starting with the most recent at the top.

You can filter the resources by regions and working groups and sub-themes in the filter below. For ease of reference, some key resources created by LEDS GP working groups are also collated under working group pages.

Featured LEDS GP toolkits:

Development impact assessment toolkit

Energy toolkit

Transport toolkit

Resource guide for NDC finance

If there is a resource that you think should be included in our list, please email us at

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Energy efficiency lesson

This energy efficiency lesson by KidWind, covers topics such as 'What is a watt?' and 'How much power does your classroom use?'. KidWind seeks to engage and inspire today’s students to become the innovative [more]…

FEMP First Thursday Seminars

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) runs seminars on the first Thursday of every month to help federal energy, environmental, and fleet professionals plan and execute projects to help meet [more]…

Energy for Sustainable Development online course

The Energy for Sustainable Development (E4SD) online course is delivered entirely through distance online education. The course provides in-depth knowledge of energy options within the context of sustainable development. The course [more]…

One UN training service platform for climate change (UN CC:LEARN)

The One UN training service platform for climate change (UN CC:Learn) is a collaborative initiative involving 33 multilateral organizations which supports countries in designing and implementing country-driven, results-oriented and sustainable learning to address [more]…

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