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Transport Working Group

The Transport Working Group (TWG) has been working since 2014 to build a global low-emission and resilient transport community, supporting champions and innovators, linking networks of low-emission transport experts, and exploring opportunities for collaboration at the local, national, regional and global levels.

Aligned with the objectives of LEDS GP, the TWG pays special attention to providing value to countries to: 

  • Assist in the implementation of low-carbon and resilient transport initiatives to address barriers and obstacles; 
  • Support national-subnational coordination for the effective implementation of transport NDCs at the local level; 
  • Improve the quality and ambition of NDCs, including transportation initiatives; 
  • Encourage more countries to incorporate transport in their NDCs. 

Priority Areas

Sustainable and resilient urban mobility
Decarbonization of passenger and freight transport
Electric mobility adoption 
Sustainable logistic strategies 
Transport contribution to pandemic recovery 

How We Work

Our services include building programs and expertise through a wide range of global and regional workshops, technical assistance, case studies development, guideline documents, peer learning, and hosting webinars.  

The Working Group has launched two communities of practice (CoPs) in the Latin America and the Caribbean region: Sustainable Logistics and Electric Mobility. The Sustainable Logistics CoP seeks to address the main barriers to the transition to clean logistics in LAC and the options available to overcome them, whereas the Electric Mobility CoP promotes the transition to electric mobility in the region.

Both CoPs aim to provide a platform – virtual and in-person – for sector stakeholders within a region to discuss experiences and seek guidance on these topics; learn from practitioners in peer countries with experience planning and implementing sustainable actions; and share relevant reports and resources. The CoPs are intended to be an informal space to link expert assistance and technical know-how with on-the-ground challenges and priorities.  

Communities of Practice

Electric Mobility Community of Practice (LAC)

  • Planning for electric mobility adoption
  • Electrification of public transit fleets
  • Regulatory frameworks for electric mobility

Clean Logistics Community of Practice (LAC)

  • Decarbonization of freight transport
  • Public and private articulation
  • Case studies and technical assistance

Upcoming Activities

Integrating climate-compatible and sustainable energy and transport systems on islands

Advancing electric vehicles based on domestic renewable energy Blogpost written by Aravind Dhakshinamoorthy, Alexander Ochs and Maria van Veldhuizen, LEDS Energy Working Group / SD Strategies Rapa Nui, commonly known as Easter Island, lies in the Pacific Ocean, 3700 kilometers away from mainland Chile. It experiences frequent traffic congestion on its limited road network of just 50 kilometers. More than…

Assisting post-pandemic transitions in developing countries

The SDGs as yardsticks for public investment in the energy & transport sectors   Governments around the world negotiate trillion-dollar recovery packages to respond to the economic fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic. The decisions they make determines if the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals remain within reach. The current social and economic crisis might be our last chance to initiate…

Film: Achieving a resilient future

In this film, decision-makers from around the world describe how they are creating a climate resilient future by embracing low emission development.

Latin America and Caribbean Electric Mobility Community of Practice

The Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Electric Mobility Community of Practice is an interactive network comprising national and subnational governments, technical institutions, academia, private companies, not-for-profit and other international organizations addressing real-time policy, financing and technical barriers and solutions related to electric mobility in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is a platform for ongoing collaboration to allow peer to…

Discover country leadership examples on integrating low emission action into national development

The Low Emission Development Strategies Global Partnership (LEDS GP) has launched its country leadership resource, which allows users to discover how countries are integrating low emission action in their national development. Experts from LEDS GP’s working groups, regional platforms and secretariat have collected these examples of country leadership – and have provided links to where users can find out more…

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    Coordinating Bodies

    The TWG is guided by a team of international experts from SLOCAT Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport , the Asociación Sustentar, the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The Working Group, in partnership with the Regional Platforms, is building a LEDS transport community, supporting champions and innovators, linking low emission transport expert networks, and exploring opportunities for collaboration at local and regional levels.

    Asociación Sustentar is in charge of the activities of the group in LAC coordinated with the LEDS LAC Regional Platform. It leads the two LAC communities of practice on Electric Mobility and Sustainable Logistics and has engaged with more than 1900 practitioners working on low-carbon and resilient transport strategies around the world.