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Ways to use the Development Impacts Assessment tool search

dia_toolsThe Development Impacts Assessment (DIA) tool search offers a structured way to consider the impact of proposed low emission development strategies (LEDS) on other national or local priorities, and provides links to resources for conducting development impacts analysis. DIA can help in identifying impacts (which may be positive or negative), the extent of the impact, who is impacted, and the timeframe of the impact. DIA supports country efforts to reach development goals articulated in LEDS and elsewhere.


Explore the DIA concept

The DIA tool search provides information on what is meant by DIA and how to conduct impact assessments.

Use the tool search to explore ways to support your nation’s development goals.


Weigh the pros and cons

Development impacts assessments help policymakers weigh the pros and cons of various development strategies and then use that information to make informed decisions. These assessments help nations explore potential tradeoffs in policies to achieve development goals and help build consensus for action with stakeholders.

Use the tools search to evaluate the positive and negative impacts of development on your country.


Learn by example

By exploring case studies that demonstrate how other nations have used low emission development strategies, policymakers can glean ideas to support their development goals. Learning from the lessons of other countries can help policymakers emulate successes while mitigating risks and avoiding failure.


More information

Now that you have explored ways to use development impacts assessments, learn how to assess development impacts.